APRIL 2011
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     March 31, Rome

We arrived in Rome a day ahead of the first show... great having a night off here, of course.

Met by our promoter, Francesco, who will be with us for the whole tour, and we get familiar with the van that'll (we hope) also bring us to a lot of places!

and... day of show, a nice stop for lunch...

Hey, it's ROUGH touring here!!

A club we hadn't played before, called CrossRoads.

Pat unpacks a new set of drum hardware he'll be using this tour...

Here we go, for the first show of the Europe tour...

After the show, Tom Greisgraber, (excellent Stick player) took a look at my action backstage.

The action of my Stick, that is!!

Good fun at the first show of our tour, and nice to get to know a new club.
Tomorrow, a bit of a drive, then another club I have not played - called Naima in the city of Forli.

     April 1, Forli

Today just an uneventful drive (5 hours) to Forli.

Club has a very interesting look to it...

A thoughtful fan had posted these pages to be seen on the stairs going to the stage...

Tried something I've been wanting to do - introduced the song Hands in Italian, explaining somewhat what the English lyrics were about.
Shouldn't be hard to do, but anything involving past or conditional tense strains my abilities in Italian!

And after the show, I took a closer look at those pages ... all quotes from Peter Gabriel about me!...

That's certainly a first!

Very nice club, and we'll hope to come here again.
Tomorrow we'll drive West to near Torino, and our third show.
More soon.


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