JULY 2011
Moscow & Perm

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    When you go all the way to Russia, you don't want to run in and out -- it takes quite a while to get there and back, (and the Sudoku solving visa process takes even longer!)

But when we, Stick Men, got the offer to play just a club show in Moscow, then be part of a festival in Perm, Russia -- it still seemed too special to not take advantage of.

So, here we are in Moscow, and the weather's great.

Well... just when I found that nice pond, near the hotel, it started to pour... so weather not quite perfect.

Took a walk to Rea Square...

okay, okay, I know I have put photos up of the square each time I come here... but it's such a special place, you just can't resist taking photos.

And here's something I'll bet you never noticed in Red Square...

(My wife Andi is running for mayor of Kingston in next November's election. Though the campaign stickers are getting around, I'll admit this one wasn't here - I put it up ... and took it down again after this shot.)

At the club, I only had time for a couple of photos

Our promoter, Sasha, introduced the band, and that was the last I had time to shoot a picture.

There's sometimes a bit of confusion because Sasha works as a promoter with a partner, who is also named Sasha. I'll have to get a photo with second Sasha!

Very nice show, and the next day, we flew to Perm.

A few hours flight, but it was still daylight when we arrived at 9pm.

Hey, look at that, what a co-incidence!

And amazingly, even at midnight, I could take a walk down to the river - the sun was just setting.

Next morning, another walk, and plenty to see...

This festival is two days long, and quite a way outside of Perm. Though Stick Men will play the second day, we took the musicians bus to the festival on the first day.
Saw some people we knew, of course. Here is a friend of mine, from earlier trips. He's from Kiev, is doing merch at the festival.. and his name is Sasha.

I'll be sitting in today for part of a set with a musician I met in Berlin last year.

I think by now you will guess what his name is

Yes, it's Sasha. Sasha Pushkin. And his set included musicians from Transylvania

Here are some shots I got from that set, when I wasn't playing

And, from around the festival...

Second day at the festival - we had to leave for the grounds at 9am to soundcheck, though our set wasn't til 5pm.

Which left me lots of time to walk around, before the audience came in

Here's another Russian friend of mine... he's been involved in all the tours I've done in Russia

and he's living proof that not everyone here has the same name. His name is Nikita.

I played in a set with Nina Nastasi and her band...

and then it was time for the Stick Men set.

Short as it was, I didn't have time to shoot any pictures except these - which pretty much show what a good time was had.

Tommorow, it's back home for most of the musicians who were part of this festival. We're all hoping to be back next year.

For Stick Men, the next show won't be until September, when we play at a festival in Sardinia... then out on an extended tour of the U.S.


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