L'Image Tour
EUROPE Oct-Nov 2010
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    This tour, covering parts of Europe with visits to Azerjaiban, Georgia and England, brings L'Image together again, having last toured in 2009.

We flew into Poland the day before the start of the tour -- leaving behind some beautiful Fall weather.
Here's a shot of my street... glad to be on tour playing music, but it's hard to leave this behind.

For once, I'll remember to put photos of the musicians before the end of the tour.

Here's Steve Gadd,

Mike Mainieri,

David Spinozza,

and Warren Bernhardt,

A beautiful new concert hall here in Katowice - great place to start off the tour

Unravelling the vibes! (Mike travels with the metal parts of his instrument, fitting them into the body at each venue.)

Some bands organize their 'charts' by re-writing them... we mostly spend time taping them together!

Well, at least one person clapped for my introduction!

Oct 27
A pretty short drive today, to play in Opole, Poland. I've been here a few times before for concerts, and always had fun on the trips.

Show was in the Filharmonia hall, as part of their drum festival.

First, a very quick checkin to our hotel

which we'd be leaving at 11pm!

Backstage -- fun, as usual

Our promoter, Woitek, has some drum sticks for Steve -- he seems to think they're a bit large for him...

but, what do you know... perfect size for signing!

We go on stage. Another fine venue

Bowing at end of the show...

As I mentioned, 11pm checkout of the hotel--- and an 11 hour bus ride to Frankfurt airport, where our flight to Azerbaijan will leave from.

Can't complain, it's a real nice rock tour bus. (I did not get a good shot of it... too much red light, and too tired... but you can see the video playing of a fireplace... nice touch!

Let's leave the band there, comfortably numb on the bus. We'll pick up the tour on the next tour page, as we reach Baku, Azerbaijan.


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